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Corporate SMS

Helps you send SMSs bearing your corporate identity as the sender/originator of the message.

Corporate Airtime

Helps you plan and track your company's airtime expenditure while earning discounts on airtime.

Corporate Apps

We design and develop software geared towards achieving efficiency in business processes.

Website Design

We enable your business acquire a corporate online presence.

Online Payments

We enable your business to accept online payments with the most efficient mobile payment gateways.

Mobile Apps Development

We package your products/services into a mobile application.

Business Value, Reach Beyond

It's never beyond reach, because we're there to help you reach beyond.

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Our applications have cool designs that you'll fall in love with
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We offer your business what you need to improve performance
We customize applications to fit your business's needs
We are always there to provide customer support to our clients
You can count on us.

More on our products

Why SMS King

Our direct carrier connections ensure high, timely delivery rates and superior uptime

Receive instant delivery notifications to your application when messages reach their target

Send SMS to networks in East Africa and beyond with a simple button click

Corporate SMS is intelligent and sends hundreds of thousands of messages at a go locally, in East Africa and across Africa.

Effectively communicate to your clients. You may use Short code or Alphanumeric sender id to send messages to your clients.

We have a reputation for reliable and cost effective SMS termination

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Why Corporate Airtime

Our airtime gateway is build to handle thousands of concurrent requests at any one time using the latest in asynchronous web technologies.

We notify your applications instantly when there is a delivery status update for your request.

Every Airtime transaction will attract a discount (based on the destination).

All you need for this solution to work is the recipient's phone number. And you earn discounts doing it!

Virtual airtime is one of the most efficient channels for making micro-payments to a large group or recipients

Airtime rewards can be a great incentive for any mobile subscriber to take part in an activity Use it to drive up survey response rates, run mass-market advertising campaigns, promote content etc.

Our pricing structure is also geared towards resellers, with discounts earned for all airtime distributed.

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Why Corporate Apps

We customize the applications to suit your business's particular needs.

Fast and efficient integration into business processes.

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Andoid apps

We develop custom mobile apps for businesses.

Apps are the way to go

Online Payments Integration

Sell & securely accept electronic payments online.

Give your customers more reason for shopping comfort


Using Silvapalace' Corporate SMS to reach out to our customers, our sales inmproved and we had a personal touch with our customers

-Carl Johns/ Director of Appesential

I no longer have to purchase credit topup cards, I top up my employees phones from the comfort of my laptop

-Essy Dorothy/ Director of Upfront

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